Would YOU Wear this?

As a professional style watcher I am always amused at claims of the next “big trend”!

We were told just a few short months ago, that VOLUMINOUS was in. Big jackets, big shirts, big dresses.

BUT consumers are not so silly these days, and refuse to buy the styles that should just stay on the catwalk as an art-y creative statement.

The only exception – follow me closely here – are the people who have the money to follow every fad – they often look ludicrous.

Here is an example:

 It’s a bit “Sound of Music” isn’t it – what with them making clothes out of the curtains?

When you dress you should dress to flatter your body. This does nothing for the body underneath it, except showcase her knees – which as Karl Lagerfeld points out, in most women resemble rock-cakes.

It is great to have new trends and designs – that is one of the true joys of fashion! But,yes, it does add to the general confusion.

If you want a stylist’s input on whether a new style works on you – give me a call. It is way cheaper than buying stuff and then looking silly in it!