Quick Fix

Want to find jeans that really fit?

Have a special event coming up?

Want to update your work look?

Stuck in a rut and want to try something new?

Listen to Jeanette and Naomi out shopping with Jill Emberson (local radio personality)

Listen to the MP3 here

  1. Go to the shopping centre where you will have the most choice
  2. Wander round for ages
  3. Try on a few things that were not made for anyone who remotely resembles you
  4. Get overwhelmed
  5. Moan about there being too much choice
  6. Shell out good money on a ‘that’ll do’ item
  7. Go home
  8. Hang new item in closet where it is pulled out once or twice, put back and never seen again.
  1. Phone or email Jeanette & chat about what you need and the results you want
  2. Meet Jeanette at your favourite centre
  3. Have a quick, on-the-spot colour analysis
  4. Hit the stores! Your two stylists target only those stores that will give you great results and match your colouring, budget and style
  5. Learn as you go about colour, styling your outfits and putting it all together!
  6. Feel pampered and fabulous. Say “I didn’t know I could look SO good!”
  7. Buy only what you love
  8. Go home excited about finding fashions perfect for you.
  9. Get loads of compliments on your new look and never waste your time or another dollar on fashion that doesn’t work for you.

1.5 hour minimum – you will be amazed at how much we can achieve for you – AND how much you learn along the way.

Only $110 per hour – yes, that is for both of us – so 1.5 hours of shopping is only $165.

Also a fantastic gift idea for anybody in your life who has “nothing to wear”!

71% of women hate shopping. Don’t waste your valuable time and dollars combing through mountains of fashions that don’t fit, flatter or make you feel fabulous. Let us take out all the stress and give you a fun  shopping experience with great results!



Jeanette David-Ball

Email: Jeanette@speedstyling.com.au Phone: 02 4954 4323

Mobile: 0402 411 773

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